36-image converter 4.4.4.x coming tomorrow!

We will release a new version of 36-image converter, a week earlier than scheduled. Version 4.4.4 is quite an important release, it enables us to quickly import new functions without having to make any changes to the interface. This will speed up the development of a 36-image converter with frames and photoshop-like improvements.

36IC 4.4.4 will also contain a new brush-function which will replace the pencil tool. This also means that V4.4.4 will come with a few brushes to start with. The color selection functions are split as well, there is an extra button which will enable a color picker to select a color from the image. Also the text function is finally out of the BETA stage.

The new release will also come with an update of the DashBoard and the help file.

We would also like to announce that 36IC 4.4.3 is now #21 in popularity on download.com in the category “Image editing” leaving Ulead and Fireworks far behind it, we hope to top the 1.600 downloads a week next week. 36-image converter will also appear in PC magazine in Italy, a magazine with 45.000 subscriptions and a high sales rate.


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