36-image converter 4.4.3 coming tomorrow

I know we promised to release an update of 36-image converter every two weeks, but if you can get a new unscheduled version once in a while, you probably wouldn’t reject it. 36-image converter 4.4.3 will fix some bugs and is the first step in improving the performance of 36-image converter. 

Here you can find a list of all improvements : 
-BUGFIX : N2BUGx001A : Freezes 36-image converter when it is not being used improving stability and performance.
-BUGFIX : N2BUGx002A : Enables you to remove filters/frames from empty frames and use the undo actions at empty frames. (update of the history panel)
-BUGFIX : N2BUGx003A : Removes the black dot in the eraser-tool. 
-BUGFIX : N2BUGx004A : Improves the consistency of the eraser. 
-BUGFIX : N2BUGx001B : Fixes the issue that resets the settings when reïnstalling or updating 36IC.
-BUGFIX : N2BUGx000X : Adds a “Low contrast Mode” which enables users with unusual color settings to view the tooltips and texts.

The new version will come tomorrow in the afternoon. The scheduled version will contain part 2 of the performance update with a memory usage reduction and shorter loading times.


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