36-image converter 4.4 as big as Moby Dick!

We discovered something very disturbing. 36-image converter 4.4.2 takes 134Mb of memory usage and uses a constant flow of 50% CPU on a windows XP Home Edition 2,4 Ghz Intel Core Duo with 1024Mb of Memory. This is intolerable, 36-image converter loads every resource into the memory, filters, frames, or masks. Combining the 800×600 images used in the masks/frames/filters with the HD-interface and the 20.000 lines of internal code, causes a giant pressure on the memory that can be avoided. Hence all resources will be made external with special filetypes for Filters/Frames/Masks and all continuous data flows will be disabled. The screen will also be frozen when it is not in focus to avoid excessive CPU usage.

So the next release will fix this excessive usage and will be focused on fixing some minor bugs as well.
-N2BUGx002A : No Undo when editing plain empty image.  
-N2BUGx003A : Black dot in eraser.
-N2BUGx004A : Inconsistent eraser.
-N2BUGx001B : Settings reset after update.
-N2BUGx000X : Low interface contrast on some PC’s.

We are also going to try to get the “Text Tool” out of its beta phase.

We have a new Bug Database on a Linux Ubuntu PC to keep track of every bug in the history of 36IC and to solve these bugs faster as well.

To end with we want to announce that 36-image converter is now one of the top 30 most popular Photo editing applications, we are #29 just before Ulead Photo Express and after Adobe Fireworks CS3 and even rising.


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