36-image converter coming tomorrow

36-image converter 4.4.2 is nearly finished, but to assure that 36IC 4.4.2 has enough value as an update it will be released tomorrow in the afternoon or in the evening with a bunch of new features. Tuesday will be the default day for the updates, it will be our small version of Patch Tuesday. So you can expect an update of 36IC4.4 the second and the fourth Tuesday of each month. 

We already fixed the open dialog’s location for the merge action and the Extension manager selection for new users. We completely refreshed the set of frames and added 2 extra filters. There are new file icons and PII is now registered as a filetype. We still have to change the splash screen, add a few effect-filters like sepia, grayscale and inversion and add the first step to the use of layers, “Add Background”. The “Add Background” function removes the primary color from an image and puts a user selected background behind it, something like a bluescreen.


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