What will become of 36-image converter?

It are interesting times for the fans of 36-image converter. Version 4.4 finally provides a solid base, stable conversion and a nice interface. This will become the root 36IC needs to evolve from a simple image viewer and converter to a mature application with layers, tons of paintbrushes, more input/output filetypes than irfanview and lots of extra tools and features that have never been seen before in any application. Don’t think that these features are futuristic, we expect them to arrive within the next year.

The coming of the first update to version 4.4 tomorrow, is the first step into the direction of a photoshop killing application. V4.4.2 will fix some bugs, will add extra frames and filters and will prepare the 36IC 4.4 architecture for the coming of layers and extra in-and output filetypes.

The most remarkable change will be QuickSlide, which we will not disclose any further at this time. We are currently still researching this feature.

V4.4.2 will be released between this evening and tomorrownight.


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