36-image converter, the story continues…

Now that our next major version is released (36IC4.4) we can focus on expanding the capabilities of 36IC in all peace. 

We our currently researching and developing support for layers in 36-image converter, new output filetypes like : DDS, EPS, PNM, SGI, RAW (more support), PAL, PSD, and PIIX (Phoenx Internal Image Xtreme) with better security also cross computer. A special tool to view image filetypes that the main executable can’t view like Jpeg2000 and others. Also we are working on more professional effects, Paint brushes and a more easy TextTool. Also one of the things that we would like to include in one of the next versions is a “save for web”-function.

Currently you could consider 36-image converter “Irfanview on steroids that could win a beauty pagan” but soon it will be “Photoshop for free”.

Download 36IC


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