36-image converter 4.4 the beginning of a new era.

As you might have noticed 36-image converter 4.4 has suffered a slight delay. We still have to make the Help file, 2 channels and adapt the DashBoard. But, we will release a text presentation tomorrow on our blog. This means screenshots of 36IC Ninja with explanations. 

You might have not noticed, but with 36IC 4.4 and the past release of LockPhix, we are at the dawn of a new Phoenxsoftware era. We are becoming more commercial. This is not a bad thing, this means development for Mac OSX and Linux, OpenSource releases and more funds. We will quit supporting less popular applications, revamp the old ones and we’ll try to make some money instead of losing it all the time. That’s why we are going to save some money from advertisements and LockPhix revenue and invest it in Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc. and Google Inc. This way we can grab a more solid position and provide you with better technologies. 

This also means that some applications will become OpenSource. InfoBlaster IN4, DashBoard 1.3, Mphix GCD and FileTorment Suite 2006 will become OpenSource. SpeedShut, FileTorment, LoadDown and Duelpro will receive an update. All new projects will be aborted, the only project that we will keep on developing is the Advanced36 project, to provide better technologies for 36IC.


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