36-image converter 4.4 “Ninja” : The Pré-release presentation!

Finally you will find out how 36-image converter 4.4 looks, I’m going to keep my promise. Ninja will be released within the next couple of days with slight delay but you get the presentation now.

36-image converter 4.4 “Ninja” takes the base of 36-image converter 4.3 that was totally stripped down to the ground. So all tools and functions are completely rewritten and only a few formula’s are still the same. Our goal was to create a stable version of 36IC which meets the promises we made when releasing version 4. Now we have a good product and we can distribute it without having to worry about bugs and instabilities. Ninja has a lot of extra tools and functions. It finally has 36 input filetypes and 21 output filetypes. And the cherry on the pie is of course the new twilight-interface.


36-image converter 4.4 splash screen

36-image converter 4.4 splash screen

The new interface enables you to quickly change between tools and to fully control 36-image converter with your left mouse button. Everytime you toggle a menu, the state of the previous menu is saved because they are all handled separately.  The interface also enables you to view bigger images. And of course the interface is nice too, well see for yourself!


36ic 4.4 interface

36ic 4.4 interface

The most drastic change is in the conversion engine. You can now convert to 21 filetypes all delivered with the necessary information in the tooltips so that even your grandmother can learn about the use of different image filetypes. The output filetypes are : Jpeg (native), Jpeg (Advanced), Jpeg2000, BMP, DIB, GIF, PNG, JNG, ICO, CUR, TIF, TIFF, TGA, PCX, PBM, PPM, PGM, WMF, EMF, RAW, PII and RAWPII. Pii is the 36IC native filetype that provides you with easy encryption for images. Why have a Private-mode in a browser when you don’t have one in your image viewer.


36ic conversion menu

36ic conversion menu

Masks & effects
Explaining the changes in stability and easiness of tools and giving a screenshot of that is quite boring so why don’t I show off a few filters and frames. 


36ic effects used

36ic effects used

Here the hearts frame is used and the Merge image with a merge image from the resources folder in the 36IC directory.

More functions, like the new dashboard 1.3 and the extension manager will be presented in the second part of our presentation. Because they are currently still under development.

36IC 4.4 Ninja will be released before thursday. check http://36ic.phoenxsoftware.com/

UPDATE : 36-image converter 4.4 will be released tomorrow, currently we are writing the help file, but we have to redo some pages that we have already finished and port them to Windows because Mac OSX screwed up and made us save our help files over each other.


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