36-image converter : Ninja core finished and fully equipped!

The 36-image converter 4.4  core is finally completely finished and equipped with all the newest tools and functions. 

More about the core 

The new core “Azul” is a lot faster than the previous one (Lapiz).  Most bugs are also fixed by clearing inaccuracies and finetuning all the tools. The image is automatically rasterized after every action so there is no chance of any misposition of frames or layers. This rasterization means that you can’t remove masks and filters that easily but this is solved with a new and improved “History Panel” tool. The new core is also fully Vista compatible. 36IC Ninja can also handle bigger images for editing up to 800×600. 

The new tools and functions

Open : 36IC can now open 40 Filetypes and you can set it to each of these filetypes using the new Extension Manager.

Reset : The reset function is a lot more stable now and does its job without failing. It reloads a copy of the image as it was when it was opened retrieving data from the History Panel.

Properties : This easy to use lightweight properties panel allows you to easily configure interesting new 36IC features like eg. Pii with encryption or the image EdgeMarker.

Close : This tool is nothing new but is useful for people who execute 36IC at a resolution of 800×600 for these people 36IC Ninja will be fullscreen.

Convert : Yeah, 36IC could convert before, it is called 36-image converter, so what gives. But this is not the regular 36IC Conversion Engine the new modulized conversion engine consists out of three parts AlphaConvert, BetaConvert and the old Batcher to guarantee successful conversion to 22 filetypes with as cherry on the pie, ICO and CUR with automatic resizing to 32×32. So 36IC will enable you to make customized icons and even cursors for windows.

Undo/Redo/History Panel : These buttons are a must for every editing application on this earth, but 36IC only had History Panel, well now you have an improved History Panel and these functions to easily switch between your past actions. Any error is erasable in 36IC 4.4.

Resize : The new resize works easier then ever before, just insert the new size you need et voila  the images are resized exactly to the size you want. If you open images that are to big for 36IC to handle, the resizer will ask you if it has to automatically resize the image to a comfortable size keeping all proportions intact.

Select : The improved selection tool enables you to select in style and disables you to select out of bounds. You can also contract/expand the selection by a specific amount of pixels or erase the selected piece of the image.

Draw : You can now draw using three tools in 36IC Ninja, a pencil and of course with a pencil comes an eraser and as an extra comes the Text-draw tool (still in BETA).

Effects : The amount of effects increased as well, since not all effects are inserted yet we cannot confirm an amount but you will even be able to download extra effects and frames from the internet.

The other tools like DashBoard channels and help files still have to be added.

The interface of 36IC

The new interface makes it easy to reach all tools within a wink and gets nearly everything done with the left mousebutton. Of course it is also filled with a lot of eye-candy.

We have to build the extension manager and the configuration panel and add it to the main executable. Then we will probably release the first public BETA, so you can count on a BETA being released at the end of this week or at the beginning of the next. After that release we will adapt the DashBoard and upgrade it to version 1.3 to support channels and  interaction. Then a help file will be written and 36IC Ninja will be ready for its final release.


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