36-image converter “Ninja” approaching completion!

The new 36-image converter is approaching its completion, the interface is now up and running. So the framework to insert the new functions is completed, now we can insert the new tools and filetypes. What we are going to do now is insert the new convert engines into the old conversion system and testing this. Then we will probably release a milestone to a limited public for testing and reviewing, mainly to test the interface and the convert functions. In the meanwhile we will insert the new functions like the paint tools for drawing, the erase selection function to erase a specific part of the image, the optional auto-resize function and many more. Then we will release another milestone and create the configuration panel, prepare Dashboard 1.3 for 36-image converter and create an extension manager for the more than 30 input extensions. The final help file will be the last thing that will be added, together with new extension icons. We hope that 36-image converter 4.4 will be completed at the end of August or at the beginning of September. 

Here is once again a list of the most important features of version 4.4 (Ninja) :

  • More than 20 stable output extensions, including : tif, png, cur, tga, ico, …
  • A new HD interface adapted to the touch interface of Windows 7
  • A more stable and bug-free engine
  • A separate extension manager for the more than 30 input filetypes
  • A unique help system with an automatic request and reply function
  • The use of Dashboard 1.3 that uses channels to deliver 8 online and support functions
  • The PII image extension with built-in password protection
  • New editing functions such as undo/redo, remove selection and paint
  • More than 20 merge images and new filters/frames
  • A tool to automatically resize hundreds of images at once to certain photo standards
36IC 4.4 users will also be the first to test 36-image explorer 1.0 BETA and ImageVault 2.0 BETA which were developed for 36IC 5.0  hummingbird. 

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