Ninja temporarily delayed due to license troubles

All pieces are ready, we have our interface, we have our libraries, we have the plans to start editing the 36-image converter 4.3 (Hero) engine. But we have one problem. The licenses for our graphical delphi layer software we use to develop the main executable are all used and we need to order more to install the graphical directX layer on our new machines. 

We will try to continue our research using the mainframe Vista machine which has the latest version of the graphical DX layer installed and start to insert the new interface into the old engine. Once this is finished it will just be a matter of linking parts of the old engine to the new interface, editing it where necessary and removing unnecessary parts of the previous engine eg. old code, old scripts and experiments, old help files and old interfaces (yes, in the 36IC executable are still interfaces of older versions eg. 1.0 up to 4.3).
This will finally create the new main engine of 36-image converter less bloated then the old and more beautiful. But as I’ve said you may expect a small delay of a few days.


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