Ninja will rise! (36IC 4.4 announcement)

While we are still deciding whether Hummingbird’s interface should have natural reflecting or artificially reflecting icons, another version of 36-image converter is put on the drawing table to fix issues and complaints in the 4.3 version.

So today we can proudly announce the coming of “Ninja” or 36-image converter 4.4. “Ninja” will build on the old 36IC4 core (CN:Lapiz) and new elements reserved for 36IC 5.0 will be added as a surplus. We can confirm the following improvements :
  • -Better support (especially in vista) for the following output filetypes : jpeg, jpeg2000, mng, png, tif, tga, ico, wmf, pcx, cur, emf and deb. (jpeg will become the standard output filetype)
  • -An improved html-help file.
  • -Extra frames
  • -Extra filters
  • -A folder containing images for merging
  • -Automatic resizing of large images on load
  • -A grayscale function
  • -Dashboard 1.2 technology will be added for better online support.
Things that we cannot confirm yet are :
  • -A new more interacting interface and a bigger window
  • -Object insertion and “slice for web” functions
  • -Drawing and paintbrush functions
  • -A native 36IC filetype that support image encryption
However, 36-image converter 4.4 will lose support for multiple languages, so only English will be available (bye bye language packs). Although it could be possible that we release versions of 36IC 4.4 in another language later.
“Ninja” will not be faster but definitely more reliable at some points and will have a huge boost in functionality.
So as you can see, we take advice and suggestions of our users very seriously and we hope that 36IC 4.4 will be accepted with applause.

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