Announcement : LockPhix UP2 coming soon

LockPhix UP1 has just been released or here is the announcement of the second update pack for LockPhix. LockPhix UP2 will update LockPhix to version 1.2.1.x. We cannot announce a release date but it will probably be released this month or at the beginning of July.

Some major changes in UP2 will include :

  • A safer and more reliable version of the USB-key routine in ScreenLock.
  • The use of DashBoard 2.0 which brings server technology and client software closer to each other than ever before.
  • Mass encryption/decryption for FileVault.
  • Automatically restore LockPhix by connecting to the server on errors.
  • Support for Linux Ubuntu (Wine), LockPhix 1.2 will be able to run fluently under Wine.
  • Bug fixes for : system tray lag in vista, crashing DreamScene at ScreenLock execution, ghost button in registration panel,…

Update pack 2 will also fix some vulnerabilities in the registration system and in the USB-key routine of ScreenLock.

LockPhix 1.2 will make the line between software and server files fade away with the great technology of DashBoard 2.0, will be much more reliable and safe for your system and will satisfy the needs of Linux Ubuntu users.


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