More News!

Here is some news about recent development of Phoenxsoftware.

First of all, we have published the official LockPhix pages, so now you can view information regarding all features online. It is also a fine example of how our new site template will look like, with more dynamic elements, MySQL use and interactivity. There is also room for more information and it is more search engine friendly. As you might have noticed we are also heavily promoting LockPhix.

To continue on the previous paragraph, we have also continued working on our new site template. There is some minor discussion about the rendability of the site concerning the google ads. This can delay the completion.

We have also opened the door to opensource development with the next version of Duelpro (CN: “Freedom Flag” ) coming soon. Duelpro 2008.1 will have an interacting interface, some bug fixes and a new dashboard, which will also be opensource. This also enables us to port Duelpro to Linux. So, soon you will be able to contribute to Duelpro and make add-ons or skins. Duelpro 2008 will also get a tournament edition with every tool needed to manage a tournament.

The next major application that will be released is codenamed “Speedy Vista” and is the successor of SpeedShut 3.0 (SPS3). It will have twice the abilities of SPS3, will be as small and fast as SPS2 and SPS1 and will work on windows Vista. For the ones who don’t know SpeedShut, SpeedShut is a small utility that optimizes your system to boot and shut down faster and that places a few icons on the desktop to shutdown your PC up to 50% faster. The promised remote shutdown will be added and the configuration will be much easier. SpeedShut will also be opensource and we hope that it will have as much success as SpeedShut 2.0 which made 40% of our site’s total download count at the beginning of 2007.

The next steps will be minor updates to LoadDown and FileTorment, which will also be possibly made opensource.

As told InfoBlaster IN4 will be updated and will become freeware, together with FileTorment Suite 2006. Before version 2008 is launched, FileTorment Suite 2007 will get a major update for the current users.

There are also some things that we cannot confirm completely because they are still under discussion and aren’t even on the drawing table yet. The first thing is the coming of a much faster and smaller opensource version of 36-image converter. The second thing is project GraveRobber which has something to do with the old Blastgen Antivirus that was supposed to be the fastest antivirus on the planet. We cannot give more information on project GraveRobber since it will probably stay InLab for a long time. But we can confirm that when it is released it will make creators of malware and other antivirus developers tremble on their feet.

So to make a long story short, UIC Phoenxsoftware is going sourceforge!


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