LockPhix is finished!

After 2 long months, the system lock & encryption tool LockPhix is Finally finished!

LockPhix will be the first of 2 applications that should increase the funds for the “Hummingbird”-project (36IC5). We have tested it on both Windows XP and Windows Vista today and there seems to be no problem whatsoever. We managed to avoid the Users Account Control on Vista with an extra application at the end of the setup, the FLM (File Launch Manager).

The last change we made today, was adding the DashBoard function as you already know it in 36IC4 and Duelpro 2008. The LockPhix DashBoard gives instant access to updates, registration page and a tutorial. It has a new interface and new functions and is now specially updated to version 1.1.1 for LockPhix.

LockPhix is now being tested for bugs or leaks and a complete help file is added. After that a website will be build and the DashBoard pages will be finished. LockPhix is expected to be packed and released online thursday the 24th of April. So it has only suffered a minor delay of 3 days. We hope to guarantee you a product of the highest quality, improved for Windows XP and Vista and loaded with powerful functions and a useful and easy help system.


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