LockPhix leaping towards release!

The development of the shareware System security tool LockPhix is going smoothly and it’s almost finished.


After the completion of the first tool, it took 3 days for the second tool to be completed. LockPhix FileVault (first announced FileEncrypt) is now also finished. Much code was taken from the engine of the unfinished 36-image converter “HummingBird” FileVault engine, but the code was debugged and many new features were added. Now you can simply encrypt a file by using the right click menu and decrypt it as easy by double-clicking it. The engine encrypts files at +-68Kb/sec and decrypts them at the same speed.


The next tool PasswordSafe uses an encrypted database to store your passwords. You can then easily find your passwords by opening PasswordSafe and entering 1 password. The next tool is expected to be finished and debugged on both windows XP and Windows Vista this Wednesday. The whole project is going as planned and will be finished Monday the 14th of April. Then it will require an additional week of testing and final debugging.




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