First tool of LockPhix Finished!

After the main panel was finished last week, the first tool is also finished and tested. The first tool named LockPhix-ScreenLock is a tool that enables users to lock their computer using a password, USB-stick or keystroke.
It is 100% safe and it cannot be bypassed, as we noticed during the testing of the keystroke unlock mechanism this afternoon. At one of our tests the keystroke system malfunctioned and the system was completely locked without a way out. We had to reboot the entire system to get it fixed. But these incident proves the safety and power of LockPhix-Screenlock.
Tomorrow we are going to start the development of the second tool : LockPhix-FileEncrypt. FileEncrypt is based on the “Hummingbird” (36IC 5.0) ImageVault.
After this the third and final tool will be developed. Then the tools will be integrated in the main panel and then the configuration system is developed, the help-files are written, the dashboard is written, the online tutorial and update page made and the registration/trial system included.
The whole project is expected to be finished the 14th of April and a stable version will be released online the 20th of April after a lot of In-Lab BETA-testing and the designing of a special designated subdomain website for LockPhix.

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