Coming Things…

We are proud to do a few announcements : 
For starters, once again we started the development of Novus XX6 now called project “Centurion”. Novus XX6 is going to be a sub operating system that starts when windows is loaded and completely takes over your computer. You will still be able to : edit images, browse the web, manage documents, develop and manage your multimedia, but this will be wrapped in a safe win 32 kernel environment that is much more stable than windows, much more beautiful and much faster. When it is completely finished, it should have a full 3D interface, smooth actions, the ability to make your own applications in Novus XX6, the ability to safely surf or crawl the web, a media bar that can be accessed directly from your main desktop, so you can watch movies and listen to your music while you are normally operating your PC without interference.
The second thing we can announce is a huge update of the website, the template and form will be completely changed and the pages will become dynamic with eg. the web 2.0 possibility to comment and interact immediately or dynamic news headlines. The site will become much more synoptic and beautiful. The software downloads will be listed by name instead of category and 1 software title will get 5 pages dedicated to it, concerning latest info, technical information, specifications, system requirements, comments and rating, overview and of course download. It can be visited at the link
But beware, this site is only a beta version and is still under construction, there are many dead links, bugs and things that still have to be changed. But this is a good way to keep track of the progress and to take a look at our new sites template.
Also research for “Hummingbird”, the next 36-image converter, is being resumed. We are currently researching the use of a canvas to import the images to in stead of using the screen, this will improve stability and will enable 36IC to view giant images and save these as well. Also more advanced effects will become possible. We still cannot confirm a release date.
Lockphix will be the first one of the shareware apps that we will release, it should be finished next month, and will cost $9,99. FileTorment Suite 2008 will follow and will probably cost the same.
Duelpro 2008 will get his first update soon, since it still has a lot of bugs. Version 2008.1 should be released next month as well. The bug fixes should be :
BUG A001 : Coin flip
BUG A002 : Dice roll
BUG A003 : Player 2 text subtract LP
BUG A004 : DET (reach 0)
BUG A005 : Window resizing Error
BUG B001 : Dashboard size
BUG 0001 : Desktop icon place
A rumor that cannot be confirmed is the beginning of development for Mac OSX, but this could be coming in the near future.

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